Dump Options

4′ High Sides on 14LX

Looking to add a little something extra to your 14LX? Well, search no further, Big Tex Trailers has what you need! With our option to have a 4’ high side on your 14LX, your Tandem Axle will perform better than ever before. Built with top-quality materials, Big Tex’ extra options will have you hauling better than ever before. Contact us today for more information!

Crank Style Roll Tarp

All Big Tex dump trailers are standard equipped with tarp mounting brackets and our commercial grade models are equipped with a fully protective tarp shroud, so adding a tarp to your dump is fast and easy. Most local municipalities require a tarp over any load, so make sure you know the laws and also be prepared.

Solar Charger

Need power? If you ever find yourself needing a little juice for your dump trailer and you are far away from any power source, a solar charger is a great option to add. Solar chargers are available in both 2 watt and 5 watt models and are easily installed.

Wireless Dump Remote

Cut the wires and enjoy the added convenience of being untethered when you add a wireless remote option to your dump trailer.

Slide-In Ramps

Most Big Tex dump models are available with optional 7′ or 8′ slide-in ramps. These ramps are stored in pockets at the rear of the trailer for easy use. Structural channel is used in order to provide a strong and durable ramp.

Side Extensions

Add an extra 24″ to the sides of your dump trailer with our side extensions. These extensions are made with expanded metal so they are light and easy to install, and can be removed if needed.

Rectangular Tubing or I-Beam Frames

I-Beam or rectangular tubing frames are standard features on all commercial grade Big Tex dump trailers (excludes 70SR Model). Tubing frames give the dump extra strength and durability while allowing the trailer wiring to be protected from the elements. (more…)

5 Amp Charging Plug

Ever used your battery to the point that there was no charge? Big Tex Trailers has incorporated the industry leading 5 amp charging plug on all models 14K and above. This plug allows you to charge your battery faster and from the dead state, without placing the battery on a separate charger.

10 Gauge Floors

All Big Tex dump trailer models, excluding the 70SR, feature heavy duty 10 gauge floors that are strong enough to take a beating and keep on rolling down the road.

Powder Coat Finish

We know that the finish on your dump trailer is important, that’s why Big Tex Trailers uses powder coat on most of our dump trailers. This finish is stronger, provides a better shine, and is much more consistent than many of the dump trailers in the industry.

Interstate Battery

Our customers use their dump trailers, so Big Tex uses Interstate Batteries. The best batteries in the industry, designed to last longer, charge better, and be there when you need them most.

Lockable Battery Box

All Big Tex dump trailers come standard with a lockable battery and pump box, giving you the security you need to ensure that your battery is there each and every time you need it.

NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brakes

Hauling a heavy load always takes heavy braking. At Big Tex Trailers, we have the best braking system in the business-hands down. Our brakes adjust to the load that you place on our units and ensure that you never have to worry about stopping when the unexpected happens!

E-Z Lube Hubs

When most manufacturers don’t offer the little things to help you keep your trailer rolling, Big Tex Trailers has your needs lubed. You can ensure that your Dexter Axles are always lubed with our state of the art Dexter EZ Lube System. Simply pull off the grease cap and get to work, no mess or costly maintenance bills.

NATM & D.O.T. Compliant

When you buy a Big Tex Trailer, rest assured that our trailers have been thoroughly designed and inspected, legal to haul on all highways in the United States and Canada. Our lighting, reflectors, axles connections, and couplers are all rated and tested to ensure that you never have to worry about what you are pulling!

Flush Mounted L.E.D. Lighting

Safety is something that we keep in mind every day at Big Tex Trailers. When you look at our lighting, you will notice that we use the safest lighting in the industry, LED lighting. This lighting is brighter, more dependable, and uses less power from the tow vehicle. (more…)

Dexter Brand Axles

Clearly the best option in the industry in axles, Dexter combines quality, value, and consistency far above any other axle on the market today! Dexter parts are readily available at 1000’s of dealerships around the country.